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Pessimism and disillusionment became increasingly present in the American psyche during the Great Depression of the s and the world war that followed. After the war, factors such as an unstable peacetime economy, McCarthyismand the looming threat of atomic warfare manifested themselves in a collective sense of uncertainty.

The corrupt and claustrophobic world of film noir embodied these fears.

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It is said that the themes of noir attracted European directors, who often felt like outsiders within the Hollywood studio system. Such directors had been trained to emphasize cinematic style as much as acting and narrative in order to convey thought and emotion.

Controversy exists as to whether film noir can be classified as a genre or subgenre, or if the term merely refers to stylistic elements common to various genres. Film noir does not have a thematic coherence: the term is most often applied to crime dramas, but certain westerns and comedies have been cited as examples of film noir by some critics.

noir jazz reddit

The isolation from society of the typical noir hero was underscored by the use of stark high-contrast lighting—the most notable visual feature of film noir.

The shadowy noir style can be traced to the German Expressionist cinema of the silent era. Caligari contains one of the best early examples of the lighting techniques used to inspire the genre.

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Murnau Nosferatu; Sunrise Classic images of noir included rain-soaked streets in the early morning hours; street lamps with shimmering halos; flashing neon signs on seedy taverns, diners, and apartment buildings; and endless streams of cigarette smoke wafting in and out of shadows.

Such images would lose their indelibility with realistic lighting or colour cinematography.

noir jazz reddit

An omniscient, metaphor-spouting narrator often the central character, a world-weary private eye frequently clarifies a characteristically labyrinthine noir plot or offers a subjective, jaded point of view. Tension and suspense are increased by the use of all-knowing narrators and flashbacks, in that the audience is always cognizant of impending doom. Film noir. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents.

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Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Introduction The golden age of film noir The cinema of the disenchanted Defining the genre Lighting The omniscient narrator and the flashback The noir hero Noir women The legacy of film noir.The Solo Jazz Pattern is the name given to an iconic blue, purple and white sketch pattern found on a type of waxed paper cup manufactured at first by Sweetheart Cup Company, beginning inand later acquired by the Solo Cup Company in The pattern, which has a long-standing fan base online, rose to mainstream popularity during a Reddit campaign to find its designer in The Solo Jazz pattern was created in the art department of the Sweetheart Cup Company in the early and began production across a variety of waxed paper products in A dedicated Facebook page was created on February 6th, ; as of Junethe page had more than 4, fans.

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noir jazz reddit

Like us on Facebook! The Solo Jazz Pattern About The Solo Jazz Pattern is the name given to an iconic blue, purple and white sketch pattern found on a type of waxed paper cup manufactured at first by Sweetheart Cup Company, beginning inand later acquired by the Solo Cup Company in Origin The Solo Jazz pattern was created in the art department of the Sweetheart Cup Company in the early and began production across a variety of waxed paper products in There are no videos currently available.

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Read Rachel Howzell Hall on surviving cancer and writing a novel. Read Laura Lippman on a thirty-five year love affair with Marjorie Morningstar.

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Read Alex Segura on the tradition of jazz-infused crime novels. Read Tori Eldridge on the heart of modern action thrillers. Read Angie Kim on how not to write courtroom scenes. Read Tara Laskowski on ghost stories, longing, and grief. Read John Vercher on graphic novels and social justice. Read Gigi Pandian on a guide to locked-room mysteries. Read Catriona McPherson on the mother archetypes of crime fiction. Read E. Aymar on going noir in D. Read L.

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Read Cara Robertson on true crime and Lizzie Borden. Read Hallie Rubenhold on the five women killed by Jack the Ripper. Advertisers: Contact Us. Privacy Policy. Anthony Awards awards Bouchercon Bouchercon ' Next Article "Little Spells". A Review of F. Find CrimeReads on Facebook.What is film noir? Are they films about hard boiled detectives and seductive femme fatales? Are they about troubled heroes with soiled pasts that keep catching up with them?

Are they all about black and white chiaroscuro lighting, dark offices with light shining in through the blinds, and cigarette smoke that takes on a life of its own? And maybe not. What we do know is that the great film noirs were originally created as pulp B-movies that usually concerned private eyes, cops, and criminals.

One of the defining characteristics of the genre is that the characters all inhabited a grey area of morality. But is that enough to qualify a movie as a film noir? For decades, film critics have debated about which movies count as film noir and some films have fallen in and out of favor for various reasons. However, there has always been a short list of films that are universally agreed to be definitive examples of the genre. Here, I have gathered ten classic era film noir movies for your consideration.

They are listed chronologically from the time that they first premiered. So grab a fedora, a cigarette, and a bottle of whiskey, for these are the top ten classic era film noir. Although he never really liked him, Spade is honor bound by his personal code of ethics to track down his killers. Along the way he will get involved with the sultry Miss Wanderly and a group of criminals who seek a gold-encrusted falcon sculpture known as the Maltese Falcon.

Is the death of his partner linked with the statue? Why are so many people so desperate to find it? And how is the mysterious Miss Wanderly involved? Complete with evocative cinematography and camera angles that recall Citizen Kane released the same yearThe Maltese Falcon is both a technical and thematic milestone for film noir- the characters and filming techniques continue to be emulated today.

Late one night, successful insurance salesman Walter Neff breaks into his office building in Los Angeles. Bleeding and in pain, he begins to recite his story into a Dictaphone for his colleague Barton Keyes to find the next morning. His story is one of deception and betrayal. As we sit and watch, we learn how Walter began an affair with the captivating Phyllis Dietrichson, played by the ultimate femme fatale actressBarbara Stanwyck.

Dietrichson, in order to collect his life insurance money. Is it possible that he was betrayed?My 25 personal favorite film noir movies of all time. Passed min Drama, Film-Noir. A screenwriter develops a dangerous relationship with a faded film star determined to make a triumphant return.

Votes:PG min Mystery, Romance, Thriller. A former police detective juggles wrestling with his personal demons and becoming obsessed with a hauntingly beautiful woman. Passed 88 min Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery. Not Rated min Film-Noir, Mystery. A private detective takes on a case that involves him with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette.

Passed 99 min Crime, Mystery, Thriller.

The 25 Best Film Noir Movies of All Time

When the police in a German city are unable to catch a child-murderer, other criminals join in the manhunt. Not Rated min Drama, Film-Noir. The desperate life of a chronic alcoholic is followed through a four-day drinking bout. A private eye escapes his past to run a gas station in a small town, but his past catches up with him.

Now he must return to the big city world of danger, corruption, double crosses and duplicitous dames. Votes: 31, Approved min Drama, Film-Noir. A frustrated former big-city journalist now stuck working for an Albuquerque newspaper exploits a story about a man trapped in a cave to rekindle his career, but the situation quickly escalates into an out-of-control circus. Approved 93 min Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller. Pulp novelist Holly Martins travels to shadowy, postwar Vienna, only to find himself investigating the mysterious death of an old friend, Harry Lime.

A stark, perverse story of murder, kidnapping, and police corruption in a Mexican border town. PG min Crime, Thriller. Approved min Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller. Votes: 13, Passed 80 min Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller. A pickpocket unwittingly lifts a message destined for enemy agents and becomes a target for a Communist spy ring. Votes: 12, A psychopath forces a tennis star to comply with his theory that two strangers can get away with murder. Passed min Crime, Drama, Film-Noir.

RobinsonByron Barr. Three men attempt to make a living in Prohibitionist America after returning home from fighting together in World War I. Approved min Film-Noir, Mystery, Romance. A psychiatrist protects the identity of an amnesia patient accused of murder while attempting to recover his memory.The s and s are generally regarded as the "classic period" of American film noir.

Film noir of this era is associated with a low-keyblack-and-white visual style that has roots in German Expressionist cinematography. Many of the prototypical stories and much of the attitude of classic noir derive from the hardboiled school of crime fiction that emerged in the United States during the Great Depression.

The term film noirFrench for 'black film' literal or 'dark film' closer meaning[1] was first applied to Hollywood films by French critic Nino Frank inbut was unrecognized by most American film industry professionals of that era. Before the notion was widely adopted in the s, many of the classic film noir [a] were referred to as " melodramas ". Whether film noir qualifies as a distinct genre is a matter of ongoing debate among scholars. Film noir encompasses a range of plots: the central figure may be a private investigator The Big Sleepa plainclothes policeman The Big Heatan aging boxer The Set-Upa hapless grifter Night and the Citya law-abiding citizen lured into a life of crime Gun Crazyor simply a victim of circumstance D.

Although film noir was originally associated with American productions, the term has been used to describe films from around the world. Many films released from the s onward share attributes with film noirs of the classical period, and often treat its conventions self-referentially. Some refer to such latter-day works as neo-noir. The questions of what defines film noir, and what sort of category it is, provoke continuing debate.

Though film noir is often identified with a visual style, unconventional within a Hollywood context, that emphasizes low-key lighting and unbalanced compositions[7] films commonly identified as noir evidence a variety of visual approaches, including ones that fit comfortably within the Hollywood mainstream. While many critics refer to film noir as a genre itself, others argue that it can be no such thing. Hirsch, as one who has taken the position that film noir is a genre, argues that these elements are present "in abundance".

Hirsch notes that there are unifying features of tone, visual style and narrative sufficient to classify noir as a distinct genre.

Others argue that film noir is not a genre. Film noir is often associated with an urban setting, but many classic noirs take place in small towns, suburbia, rural areas, or on the open road; setting, therefore, cannot be its genre determinant, as with the Western.

Similarly, while the private eye and the femme fatale are stock character types conventionally identified with noir, the majority of film noirs feature neither; so there is no character basis for genre designation as with the gangster film. Nor does film noir rely on anything as evident as the monstrous or supernatural elements of the horror filmthe speculative leaps of the science fiction filmor the song-and-dance routines of the musical.

An analogous case is that of the screwball comedywidely accepted by film historians as constituting a "genre": the screwball is defined not by a fundamental attribute, but by a general disposition and a group of elements, some—but rarely and perhaps never all—of which are found in each of the genre's films. Williams labels both film noir and screwball comedy as a "pathway" in his screenwriters taxonomy; explaining that a pathway has two parts: 1 the way the audience connects with the protagonist and 2 the trajectory the audience expects the story to follow.

The aesthetics of film noir are influenced by German Expressionisman artistic movement of the s and s that involved theater, photography, painting, sculpture and architecture, as well as cinema.

The opportunities offered by the booming Hollywood film industry and then the threat of Nazismled to the emigration of many film artists working in Germany who had been involved in the Expressionist movement or studied with its practitioners.

ByCurtiz had already been in Hollywood for half a decade, making as many as six films a year. Movies of his such as 20, Years in Sing Sing and Private Detective 62 are among the early Hollywood sound films arguably classifiable as noir—scholar Marc Vernet offers the latter as evidence that dating the initiation of film noir to or any other year is "arbitrary".

Edeson later photographed The Maltese Falconwidely regarded as the first major film noir of the classic era. Josef von Sternberg was directing in Hollywood during the same period. Films of his such as Shanghai Express and The Devil Is a Womanwith their hothouse eroticism and baroque visual style, anticipated central elements of classic noir.

The commercial and critical success of Sternberg's silent Underworld was largely responsible for spurring a trend of Hollywood gangster films. Its visual intricacy and complex, voiceover narrative structure are echoed in dozens of classic film noirs.

noir jazz reddit

Italian neorealism of the s, with its emphasis on quasi-documentary authenticity, was an acknowledged influence on trends that emerged in American noir.

The Lost Weekenddirected by Billy Wilderanother Vienna-born, Berlin-trained American auteurtells the story of an alcoholic in a manner evocative of neorealism. This semidocumentary approach characterized a substantial number of noirs in the late s and early s. Along with neorealism, the style had an American precedent cited by Dassin, in director Henry Hathaway 's The House on 92nd Streetwhich demonstrated the parallel influence of the cinematic newsreel.

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